Home Automation

We are creating and marketing new electrical installations that offer comfortable and energy conscious solutions, giving you more control over your home and way of life. Targeting home owners and property developers wanting to create homes with a modern edge to increase their chance of sale and profit whilst improving style, security and energy efficiency. Our products and services are competitive solutions for low energy and automated electrical systems. Our installations set new standards for the supply of energy, security and amenities. Our goals are to achieve a high customer service, and an investor in people.

Loxone Home Automation
Using automation for security, zone heating systems, motion detectors, low powered innovative lighting, voltage optimisation units and renewable energy sources. All of these aspects can be integrated into our projects which will enhance the way we use our electrical systems of the future. We always work to the highest standards at highly competitive rates complying with all the regulations of the electrical industry.


We have chosen the Loxone smart home miniserver to be our prefered product of choice for smart home control. Loxone have very competive priced products that allow everyday families to afford the technology to control their dream home, and in the long term save money.

Loxone Home Automation

Watch this space for more updates on our use with the Loxone Miniserver.

The government has launched schemes to decrease our nations carbon footprint, motivating a strong market opportunity for consumers to see the advantages for efficient, modern electrical systems. Almost a fifth of home owners claim that if they moved house, they would “make sure” their new home would be eco-friendly. There is significant underlying public interest in a concept that could be unlocked at the right price which we intend to achieve by sourcing reliable and cost effective products.

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